लुम्बिनी गौतम के.सी.

जिल्ला समन्वय प्रमुख


देब बहादुर बि.क.

जिल्ला समन्वय उप-प्रमुख


जित बहादुर ओली

निमित्त जिल्ला समन्वय अधिकारी


घनश्याम शर्मा



Brief Introduction

Rukum is one of district of Rapti zone. It is a hilly and mountainous district but there is plain area also. It is nearly 280km west of capital, Kathmandu. It is located at mid-western development region. It covers 2,877 sq. km (293182 hector) area. Musikot (Jumlikhalanga) is headquarter (administrative centre) of it. Rukum district has many potential tourist destinations or attractions that are not explored. Mt. Sisne himal is the head of Rukum district; it is 5,849 meter (19,195 ft.). Sisne himal is known as Virgin Mountain because nobody climbed yet. There is a Rukmini Lake (locally "Kamal Daha") in Rukumkot VDC of Rukum district. It is named by the flower Lotus.
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